Why Would You Choose Sod in Wichita, KS Over Grass Seed When Installing Your New Lawn?


When building a new home or replacing your landscaping, why would you choose Sod in Wichita, KS over seed? Sod gives you an instant lawn, takes only 10 days to be fully established and you don’t have to worry about it washing away in the rain, or blowing away on a windy day. A seeded lawn can take weeks to sprout, and months before you can actively use it. A sodded yard can withstand heavy use within a few weeks. When you install sod, you are adding instant curb appeal and value to your home.

Installing a lawn using Sod in Wichita KS will prevent soil erosion, cool your yard in the heat of summer and reduce noise pollution by acting as a sound absorber. A bare yard or expanse of asphalt reflects the heat onto your home during the day. With Sod in Wichita, KS you can lower those temperatures by as much as 30 degrees compared to bare soil or blacktop. It will also reduce pollution by keeping the dust levels down.

Before you have your Sod in Wichita, KS installed, you should prepare the soil. You will want to remove debris, fill in low places and loosen the soil to help ensure a successful establishment of lawn coverage. If you are thinking of having an irrigation system installed, now would be the perfect time to do it. Your sod will be harvested within a day or two of your delivery date for a quality product that is healthy and vibrant. Once it is laid in place, you will need to water it on a regular basis making sure it does not dry out. You will also need to stay off it as much as possible for the first 10 days. During the critical first days, the roots of your newly laid sod, will reach down into the soil surrounding your home, anchoring itself to your yard. Within a few weeks, the lawn will be established and looking like it has been there for a long time.

Green is the color of money, emeralds and the best kept lawns in Kansas. A yard dressed with blue-fescue Sod in Wichita, KS will have your neighbors turning green with envy. They will want to walk barefoot across your yard. Why wouldn’t you choose sod instead of seed?