How to Choose the Right Florist in Charleston, WV


Whether male or female, everyone loves to receive flowers and they are a great way to say many things, including love, grief and other sentiments. However, it is important to select a florist in Charleston, WV that will be knowledgeable and friendly, as well as safe with your information.

Before Searching

Before you begin a florist search, you need to know what the flowers will be for and know the specific requirements. For example, if the flowers will be for a funeral service or a wedding, you need to have this information. It could also be for a birthday, anniversary or anything else. Next, you should know the specifics. While you may not know what Baby’s Breath is or why it is used, you should have an idea of the specific flowers you would like, any budget requirements and more.


There are many great florist selections in Charleston, WV. Whether you want to visit a physical shop or go online, you have many options.

If you do select an online florist, make sure they have good customer service, privacy and security. Security is very important, though not as much when browsing. When you go to the shopping cart of the website, it should have “https” in the address bar, which stands for secure website. While your credit card information is important, so can be your name, address and telephone number.

Privacy is another thing to consider because many companies will “sell” your information to third parties in the hopes of drumming up business for other companies. Always read the privacy statement to find out what information is received from you and what is done with that information.

While good customer service is important everywhere, you need to be able to have your questions answered. Many people do not know much about flowers. They may want the main flower to be roses, but may not know what other flowers go well with a rose. This is where your florist in Charleston, WV should be helpful.


Both online and in-person florists should be able to answer specific questions. If the information is not found online, call them and ask. For example, ask about budget-friendly options, the florist’s specialty, experience and reputation. You may also want to ask about how delivery is achieved and whether there are any extra charges.

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