Did You Choose Your Own Mouldings In Laguna Niguel CA?

Construction and Maintenance

Homes within the affluent master planned community in Laguna Niguel are most likely to be somewhat exquisitely styled. Not only in overall design concept but also down to the interior features. Maybe the occupants left all of this in the hands of the developer and simply moved in to someone else’s idea of a perfect home. The new owner’s input being the cash to pay for it and then moving their own (old or brand new) furniture into it.

Such owners probably take for granted the decorative edgings that are all around them both inside and out of their new home. The join between a horizontal floor and the wall is rarely left at an unsightly 90° bare change of direction – likewise, where the wall joins to the ceiling. Invariably, in stylish homes, such ugly transitions are hidden behind something. This something would have been supplied to the building contractor by one of the firms selling Mouldings In Laguna Niguel CA. (It may be a sign of Laguna Niguel’s up market image that these are called “mouldings” rather than using the main American spelling which would be “moldings for Laguna Niguel”. Strangely, in England where they do use the “mouldings” spelling, they actually call them “covings”).

What Are Mouldings?

Mouldings can be molded into a shape but the word applies to a length of wood, plaster, stone or plastic that has been shaped for decorative purposes. The shaping may be machined by such as a router or it could be done by hand carving or chiselling.

As mentioned above, the most used application for Mouldings In Laguna Niguel CA is to disguise the transition point where horizontal surfaces become vertical (and vice-versa). However, Mouldings In Laguna Niguel CA have a wider array of decorative uses. The architrave above a door frame, the decorative mouldings placed on the vertical supports of stair rails, decorative pieces surrounding the point where a lighting fixture emerges through the ceiling – in fact anywhere that meets the interior decorators fancy.
Even in their main function as skirting boards, Mouldings In Laguna Niguel come in hundreds of different design shapes and sizes.

For indoor use, the mouldings can be supplied pre-stained to a chosen color or wood pattern; alternatively, they can be plain to allow the home decorator to paint them on the spot. When used outside, the mouldings will have some form of weather proofing applied.

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