How to Choose a High Quality Knoxville Wedding Ring


There is no question that trying to find the perfect Knoxville Wedding Ring can be a challenge. In the past, the groom would choose the ring, and present it to his would-be-bride. Modern couples, however, typically shop together for the ring, making it a bit more difficult to find that perfect option.

When considering which Knoxville Wedding Ring to purchase, there are four characteristics of the ring that should be considered.


The actual mass of the diamond is described by the carat weight. One carat is the same as 200 milligrams, and the point unit, which refers to the measurement of one-hundredth of a carat, is what is used for diamonds that have a mass that is less than one carat. The carat price is determined by the weight and will increase as the size of the diamond increases.


This is the measure of the number of internal defects that are present in a diamond, and are commonly referred to as inclusions. These can be a structural imperfection, such as a small crack, which can appear cloudy or whitish; or they can be crystals from a foreign material. The clarity of a diamond is impacted by the size, color, orientation, number, location and actual visibility of the inclusions.


A diamond that is free from any chemical or structural imperfections is considered perfectly transparent and will not exhibit any colors or hues that detract from the appearance. The fact is, virtually all diamonds will have some type of minor imperfection, which will influence its actual value in one way or another. For example, a white diamond that has a yellow hue is valued much lower than a diamond that as a pink or blue hue.


When a diamond is unearthed it is in an imperfect condition and must be both shaped and polished in order to become gem-worthy. An accomplished jewelry craftsman will be able to create the desired cut with precise mathematical equations that were developed more than 100 years ago.

For most people, determining the value, quality or clarity of a diamond is impossible. However, these factors can play a huge role in the price that you ultimately pay for the jewelry. Understanding what to look for can help you know why price points are so different when you are shopping for a wedding ring.