Choices for Portable Electric Heating


Unless your home is deep in the tropics, there is usually a need for portable electric heating. In the north there are often times when the wind blows like mad and the house feels drafty; in the south of the country, although it is usually very comfortable, there are times when the evenings get a little chilly. In both these cases, and others such as in the garage, portable electric heating comes in handy.

Some years back, portable heaters were very inefficient, created nothing but hot spots and certainly were not very safe to operate. This has all changed, portable heaters have come a long way and they continue to get better with new technology. The space heaters available today can create a great deal of heat for very little money.

Traditionally electric heating has always cost less to purchase but over time they cost considerably more than other methods due to their inefficiency. Even with the early models they still found an active market because they have always been totally self contained, plug them in and use them when they are needed, and they cost nothing but space when they are not in use.

Portable electric heating is a heat source that requires no duct, filters, blowers, ventilation or maintenance and do not need to be professionally installed. The leading types are:

Fan-forced convection:

These types of portable heaters are ideal in small spaces or in areas which only need heat periodically. They are ideal for use in the basement or garage workshop when you only want a bit if heat while you are working. These heaters work when a fan blows air over electrically heated coils or an element. They heat the area quickly but as they work with an element they can be costly to run.


Years ago radiant heat also used heated elements with the same drawback, cost of operation. Today, radiant heaters work by heating a medium such as silicone or oil; this in turn heats the room. Although it may take 30 minutes or so to warm the room to the desired temperature, once the temperature has been reached and the thermostat shuts off the heater, the oil or silicone medium remains warm for a very long time, hence this type of portable electric heating is cost effective.