Children Should Regularly See A Pediatric Optometrist In Fort Collins, CO


Children can suffer from vision problems at birth. Eye exams for children are very important because vision problems can limit their development. A child could appear to be clumsy when they’re unable to see clearly. School-aged children can have difficulty learning, and vision problems that are diagnosed early can make children more responsive to treatment. Children should visit a Pediatric Optometrist in Fort Collins CO at six months of age, then at three years of age, and again at age five or six. If a child doesn’t have any eye or vision problems, they should be examined every two years in case there are any changes in their vision.

Children can suffer from a vision problem when they lack hand-eye coordination. Children need to use the visual information to direct their hands to perform a task they need to complete. Eye tracking is another very important skill a school-aged child needs to develop. This is keeping the eyes on a target when looking at various objects on the page of a book or on a blackboard at school. Eye teaming is the ability to use both eyes together at the same time and to focus on one object. These visual skills are only a few of the things a child needs their vision for learning.

Children that are unable to clearly focus or develop the visual skills they need can show signs of hyperactivity and frustration. This can lead to the child performing at a lower level than they are capable of. Early intervention by a Pediatric Optometrist in Fort Collins CO can reduce the chances of a child not performing or learning at their full ability throughout the school years. The child can suffer from headaches, fatigue, and other eyestrain problems. A child will show a variety of symptoms when they have vision problems, including tilting the head to one side, seeing double, short attention span, frequent eye rubbing or blinking, difficulty remembering what he or she read, and much more.

Give your child the best opportunity for learning by having their eyes examined by a pediatric optometrist.

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