Checks to Do Before Repairing Cooling Equipment in Bristol CT

Heating and Air Conditioning

If the home’s Cooling Equipment Bristol CT isn’t running as well as it should, it’s tempting to call a professional right away. In some cases, though, a few simple checks can help homeowners save money and time. Local residents often encounter bitterly cold overnight temperatures, and when the heat stops working, every minute counts. Before calling an HVAC expert, make these simple checks first.

The Air Filter

Inhibited airflow keeps an HVAC unit from working properly. The result: decreased efficiency and increased utility bills. Dirty filters are the main cause of low airflow, and homeowners should start there when problems arise. With frequent filter replacements, future issues are minimized.

The Thermostat

Improper thermostat settings are another common cause of heating and cooling maintenance calls. Even if everything seems to be set correctly, check the thermostat to ensure that it hasn’t been changed. It’s easy to turn the unit off altogether, or to switch it to AC instead of heat. The thermostat is one of the easiest things to check, but it’s surprising how many problems it causes.

The Panel Switch

Is a panel loose on the HVAC air handler? If so, the linked panel switch may have cut power for safety’s sake. These switches are designed to turn off when panels are removed or improperly attached. In such a case, it’s easy to repair the unit by tightening or reattaching the problem panel.

Other Problems

There are a few other items to monitor when preventing problems with Cooling Equipment Bristol CT. For instance, gas furnaces may stop running if the utility company cuts of service. While an unpaid bill is a common culprit, in some cases, it’s due to a billing mistake or a gas leak. If there’s a red card on the meter or if the valve is locked, call the gas company for additional details.

Call Today for HVAC Service, Maintenance, and Repair

If these simple fixes do not get the unit running normally, it’s time to schedule a maintenance call with a professional HVAC repair service. Learn more about the most common heating and cooling issues or schedule maintenance by calling Quinoco Inc. or visiting their website today. You can also follow them on Twitter.