Checklist of Tips to Help You Choose a Kennel for Your Dog


If you’re going away on a short trip and you haven’t got anyone to leave your dog with, then you’ll need to look for boarding kennels in Toronto. Here’s a list of tips that can help you figure out which one is best for you and your pet.

Ask your vet

Your vet can provide you with recommendations, Care suggests. This can save you a lot of time and trouble. You can also ask for suggestions from family and friends about reputable kennels in your area.

Look for credentials

Make sure staff members have the training and experience to handle dogs. You can check online to determine the qualifications of the staff when you start looking for boarding kennels in Toronto.

Pay a visit

The best way to get a gauge on the staff and facility is to pay a visit before you bring your dog over. Do you like what you see? Is the facility cramped? Are the dogs properly cared for? Keep an eye out for those kinds of details.

Talk to the staff

If your dog has a breed, then ask them if they’re familiar with how to care for dogs of that breed. Also, if you’ve got a large dog, and she needs daily and regular exercise, make sure to ask if they can provide that.

Ask about personal items

Staying at a kennel can be an uncomfortable experience for your dog. After all, she’s not going to see you. Being around strangers might leave her a bit scared or confused. You may want to bring a few of her favorite toys or snacks can help. However, this could become a source of conflict, as some dogs may steal the items and be aggressive about keeping them. That’s why some kennels have a policy against bringing in personal items. If you aren’t sure, ask.