Checking The True Cost Of Carpeting in Reno, NV

Home Improvement

Whether at work, play or countless other indoor activities, we regularly walk all over carpeting in Reno, NV. For those of us involved in selecting new carpeting and having it laid in our homes or business premises, the initial purchase cost is possibly the main consideration – followed by questions of color and design to suit our individual tastes. We may give a passing thought to additional costs such as delivery and installation (laying/fitting the carpeting) but, many of us might think no further than that.

Carpets Do Not Exist In A Vacuum But They Do Need One

Whether it is wall to wall carpeting in Reno, NV or a collection of rugs scattered around an area, the more people walk all over them, the dirtier they can get. The woven, tufted nature of carpet construction is an ideal dirt trap and any type of carpeting will require regular cleaning. Depending upon where the carpet is situated and the amount of traffic that passes over it, a daily vacuuming might suffice.

Considering that many harmful bugs that cause allergies (if not illness) can also be found in the pile of a carpet, vacuum cleaning may not be totally sufficient and additional costs might be incurred from steam or chemical cleaning or, even, professional carpet cleaning services.

Wear And Tear

Correctly chosen, carpets and rugs help create a pleasing appearance to any room or larger indoor spaces but, nothing looks worse than a carpet that is beginning to become somewhat threadbare in places. For those who prefer carpets over other forms of floor coverings, longer term replacement costs should also be considered.


Almost any material that can be made into threads and woven can be used for carpet manufacture. However, some are more wear resistant than others. A silk carpet makes a fine decorative covering for your floor and might even be seen as an investment that could have a higher re-sale value than the price you originally paid for it. But, a silk carpet would not fare well in a place of heavy traffic.

Wool is perhaps the material most chosen and it can have good wear resistance although it might not be the best choice for (say) the reception area of a busy commercial concern. For heavy duty wear resistance, it may be better to choose synthetic materials and/or use carpet tiles for your carpeting in Reno, NV needs.

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