Charter Schools in Bloomington, MN That Stress Leadership with Creative Expression


Charter Schools in Bloomington, MN tend to focus on specific areas of academia. This is healthy and wise, and it hopefully fosters an environment where students can achieve excellence in a specific area. The American Leadership Academy follows this approach but it takes it to new heights. The school is not about churning out potential employees. Many college graduates are facing unemployment and new obstacles that no generation has faced before. The ALA takes a unique look at scholarly achievement. They combine two main ideas into a powerful and dynamic school. These are:

• The pursuit of a very specific passion, not just a general direction of academics

• Leadership and the highest level of achievement in that area

Many people see school as a place to learn math, language arts, and other areas of elementary traditional academics. ALA takes a more creative approach by placing emphasis on the fine arts and fostering creative synergy in these wonderful areas of development.

The athletics program highlights 12 major areas where students can strive for a leadership position. Some of them include:

• Softball

• Soccer

• Football

• Cross country

• Chess

• Wrestling

• Volleyball

• Track and field

The goal of great charter schools in Bloomington, MN is to allow students multiple outlets to express themselves. This is why many students are able to join multiple programs. But the school also demands pursuit of leadership. Time management is important to that. Because the school stresses a leadership approach, many students explore multiple programs, they soon learn that by focusing on the one they are most passionate about they can become more successful.

Many believe that the current mainstream school system stifles creativity. Math and English are placed on a higher level of importance than dance, sports, swim, chess, etc. These niches, though not as popular, are extremely valuable. Students that find a passion in these areas can dive into them without restrain, and become leaders in their chosen area.

Browse to learn more about what the school offers in the wonderful and productive areas of athletics. Athletics also helps foster growth in post-graduate careers as well as rapid advancement in the school.