Cesspools in Hawaii: Three Things You May Not Have Known About Cesspools


A cesspool is a holding tank that is designed for human waste. Its primary function is the same as a septic tank, but it works differently. Cesspools in Hawaii are a dime a dozen, but many people don’t know a whole lot about them. In this article, we’ll tell you a few facts about cesspools that you probably didn’t know.

1. Cesspools are ancient technology.

The cesspool dates back to ancient Rome. These were the first storage tanks for human waste. The ancient Romans dug ditches that lead to a public cesspool. The waste would flow through the ditches to the cesspool using water.

2. Cesspools can contaminate ground water.

Cesspools are not the most sanitary way to dispose of waste. Unlike septic systems, they don’t filtrate and/or break down the waste. This means that without regular maintenance, the bacteria from the cesspool, which is built in the ground and lined with stone, can find its way into the surrounding area.

3. Cesspools are being phased out all over the place.

For health reasons, construction of large cesspools has been banned. There are also policies in place regulating or banning the construction of new cesspools in certain areas. Still yet, more regulations are in place that govern regular maintenance of cesspools.

There are a lot of cesspools in Hawaii, but they require regular maintenance so that people’s health and well-being are not affected. If you need maintenance on your cesspool or you want to replace it with a septic system, Valley Isle Pumping has you covered. Find out more at visit us website. You can also connect with them on Facebook.