Central Air Conditioning Repair Services in Pittsburg KS for a Long-Neglected Unit

Air Conditioning

The buyers of the house were informed that the central air conditioner had not been run in a long time, ever since it had broken down five years before. Since the house was being sold in “as-is” condition, the buyers knew that calling for central Air Conditioning Repair Services in Pittsburg KS would be high on the priority list. Summers tend to be hot in this region, and the new homeowners have been accustomed to living with effective climate control.

Sitting Idle for Years

These customers of Air Conditioning Repair Services in Pittsburg KS had been aware that central systems should be operated at least occasionally and allowed to sit idle for years. They’re worried about what problems the technician will find, not only from the original breakdown but perhaps from the effects of not being used for so long.

Inspection and Evaluation

A heating and cooling technician from a contractor such as CDL-Electric will need to inspect the equipment thoroughly and evaluate the situation before making any recommendations. The first step would be to see whether the previous occupants had at least kept organic debris from falling into the exterior unit by covering the top of it. The technician will determine whether any corrosion has developed.

Precautionary Strategies and Routine Maintenance

One precautionary strategy might be to replace the refrigerant, as it may have converted from a gas into a liquid over that time. Trying to run the unit in this condition could ruin the compressor. The technician will also check all the electrical components to make sure everything is in good working order. All the routine maintenance that would normally be done during an annual appointment will be completed during this service call. Testing the unit will involve setting the thermostat, turning on the a/c, and monitoring the exterior unit to make sure everything is working properly.

Anyone who needs assistance with a malfunctioning or neglected central air conditioner can check the website Cdl-electric.com for information on this particular company. With service from skilled technicians, the air conditioner will be tuned up and ready to beat the heat on hot summer days.

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