Centella Asiatica Extract From Europe for Chronic Vein Insufficiency

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Men and women who want to try a natural herbal product for treating chronic venous insufficiency or varicose veins may be interested in Centella asiatica extract. Research has found this plant-based remedy to be helpful for people with these conditions. When taken at recommended doses from reputable producers, the extracts are considered safe and effective.

About Vein Disorders

Chronic venous insufficiency develops when certain veins cannot pump blood back to the heart. Most commonly, this occurs in the lower legs. The disorder leads to a sensation of heaviness and discomfort there.

Varicose veins may also develop. The vessels become abnormally large because they are usually filled with too much blood unless the person sits or lies down with the legs elevated. This disorder affects men in women in relatively equal numbers.

Conventional Treatments

Wearing compression stockings is the main treatment for these conditions. The pressure moves blood back up and out of the lower legs. Taking walks and exercising the legs in other ways improve blood flow as well.

About Centella Asiatica

The plant’s triterpenic acid content is helpful for these vein disorders because it stimulates the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin. These connective tissues strengthen the interior layers of veins. As with all herbal extracts, Centella asiatica extract is formulated to contain a high percentage of the active plant components.

Powdered Herbal Remedies

Also called Gotu kola, this herbal supplement can be consumed in powder form by mixing it with foods or beverages. Information on a powdered extract and its producer is provided at http://www.bgpgroup.biz/.