CBD for Pets Can Help Your Cat or Dog Feel Healthier and Happier

CBD Product

You may have heard about CBD for people, but CBD also benefits pets. Just like us, our animal friends can suffer from arthritis, sore muscles, and feelings of anxiety. In response, pet-loving companies have formulated CBD pet chews and drops to help our furry friends feel better.

CBD products are now available for cats and dogs. These products contain no THC and are often flavored to appeal to dogs and cats. You can even find yummy CBD pet chews your dog will love.

CBD pet chews your dog will love.

While both cats and dogs can benefit from CBD, dogs have become a focus for CBD manufacturers. In part, this is because CBD can help to calm separation anxiety and even aggressive behavior in dogs. Giving your pup a CBD pet chew before you leave can keep them calmer and happier while you’re away.

Also, aggression in dogs is often caused by fear. Fear and anxiety are also related emotions. By calming that fear and anxiety, aggression can also be reduced. But, if you have an aggressive dog, while CBD can help, you’ll still need to be on the alert for aggression. CBD can help, but it’s not a cure.

Both cats and dogs can also suffer from arthritis, just like people. CBD can help relieve aching joints in our pets. Some large breed dogs, like German Shepards, are known to develop painful hip dysplasia. While CBD will not heal or correct hip dysplasia, it can relieve the pain. It can also help your dog to feel happier.