Causes of Damage to the Garbage Disposal in Apple Valley

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The kitchen is full of complex machinery. This is never more evident than when something breaks. One of the components in the kitchen that is difficult to fix is the garbage disposal. The disposal actually has several components that make it difficult to fix. You shouldn’t attempt to repair a disposal yourself as it can be dangerous if not properly approached. Tim Lockler’s Appliance Heating and Air Conditioning Service can help if this appliance breaks. There are a few things that can cause damage to this appliance.

One of the things that can cause damage to the Garbage Disposal in Apple Valley is silverware, plastic or other non-grindable material falling into the blades. The attempt to grind these items will cause damage to the blades. This can also damage the motor from the effort used to grind these things. If something does drop into the disposal, you will hear a strange high-pitched sound. Just be aware that not all items will create noise.
Another thing that will cause damage is overloading the disposal with too many food items. Things like lots of peels or large food items can plug up the blades. This stoppage can cause damage to the motor. The sink will typically backup. While it is tempting to stick your hand in the sink, this is something you must never do. The blades could easily start again once the clog is cleared. This is dangerous.

Electrical issues can also damage a disposal. This can be anything from a burned out wire to loose connections. It is hard to tell the difference between the two. A frozen motor or improper wiring will stop the blades from turning. A burnt out motor will have a strange smell with it. In any case, you will need to get the Garbage Disposal in Apple Valley looked at by a professional.

The garbage disposal has one purpose and that is to keep your sink clear of food. Damage to this appliance can easily occur. Thus, rendering your sink out of commission until it is fixed. But you should never attempt a repair job on this appliance especially if you don’t know what you are doing.