Casement Window Installation in St Paul: A Pleasing Option for Many Homeowners

Window Installation Service

Casement window installation in St Paul involves the placement of a window that opens with a manual crank. The design varies as to where the hinge is located, which can be on top, on the bottom or on one side. The side and top models are the most common. The design also varies as to whether the pane moves outward or inward. The crank is technically known as the operator. A lock on the sash connects with a component called the keeper.

Ease of Opening and Closing

The style is appealing to homeowners who like opening windows this way rather than having to push them up and down, or from side to side. An easy crank mechanism does not require the arm strength that single-hung, double-hung and slider windows do.

Important Space Considerations

An important consideration is whether there is plenty of room for the pane to be moved outward or inward. In that regard, the other designs are space savers. Casement windows may not be suitable in every room, but they can be installed by a contractor such as Business Name in the optimum locations.

The Most Popular Design

For many years, the most popular reason for casement window installation in St Paul is to have a window that can open and close on either side of a large window that does not move. Two casement models on either side of a picture window is a common design. They also can be part of a bay window structure. These crank windows can be more effective than other styles at managing ventilation in the home since they guide the air to flow in a certain direction rather than allowing it to travel straight ahead.

Replacing Other Styles

Replacing other styles with casement windows can create a more pleasing design for homeowners who are tired of the same styles they’ve been looking at for years. A picture window could be replaced with a bay window, for instance. Some double-hung models might be replaced with casement products. Anyone interested in casement or other types of window installation may learn more about us at the website.