Carpet steam cleaning: professional or DIY?

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Spring cleaning and carpet cleaning fall into similar categories, neither of them are fun but they both are necessary and funny enough, they both happen at about the same time of year. Unfortunately many homeowners are not fully aware of the reasoning behind annual carpet cleaning in maple Grove MN and opt to have it done only every few years. It must be remembered that carpet cleaning is not done exclusively as a cosmetic process, having your carpet cleaned also revitalizes it, increasing the life expectancy considerably. Most carpet manufacturers recommend that you clean the carpets in your home every 12 to 18 months, this all depends on how many people live in the home and whether there are pets.

This time frame is recommended for all different types of carpets but is especially true for nylon carpets. Nylon as a material contains a certain molecule that is the source of the materials resiliency. When nylon fibers get trampled down over a period of time as a result of traffic, carpet cleaning in Maple Grove MN will reactivate this molecule, the fibers spring back and the carpet not only is clean, it is revived.

The primary carpet cleaning method used is hot water extraction; this is commonly called steam cleaning even though the water is not quite hot enough to form steam. In this method of carpet cleaning super hot water is sprayed on the carpet and then quickly sucked back into the machine, as it is extracted it pulls the dirt that is embedded into the carpet back with it. In most cases the water that is sprayed has a mild cleaning solution mixed with it; this helps to remove any set stains.

Professional carpet cleaners arrive at your home with either a truck mounted unit or a portable machine. The portable machine lets the cleaners get to high rise apartments any other buildings that are impossible to reach with the hose from a truck mounted unit. The truck mounted unit has a benefit though as it is more powerful and if it can be used it should be.

There are many DIY machines that can be purchased or rented. Many people who have active kids will purchase a small steam cleaner so they can tackle stains when they happen. Although this will help, it is highly recommended that the little DIY unit is not considered as the primary carpet cleaning unit. Having professional carpet cleaning in maple Grove MN done periodically is by far the best solution to clean, long lasting carpets.

If you have kids and pets then having the professionals come in to do your carpet cleaning in Maple Grove MN is the best possible solution. You are invited to call Steamatic of the Twin Cities.