Carpenter Bee Extermination in Pittsburgh PA as a Protective Measure for Children and Pets

Pest Control

Carpenter bees look quite a bit like bumblebees. Both of these insects can appear to be aggressive, but they are actually docile unless they feel threatened. Only the female carpenter bee can sting, but that’s not much comfort when people cannot distinguish between the males and females. Service for Carpenter Bee Extermination in Pittsburgh PA is available when property owners are worried about young children and pets that might bother these insects.


Many dogs pay no attention to the bees, but others seem to view them as playthings. The dogs like chasing the buzzing critters in the yard and snapping at them in an effort to catch a bee. If they do catch a female, they can be stung in the mouth. When dogs behave like this, it may be a smart idea to call for pest control service from a company such as The-Beeman.


Cats may be an even bigger problem, even if they are lounging on a screened porch. Carpenter bees can get inside, where cats are likely to view them as prey. Feline companions tend to consider anything moving about like this as something to catch, increasing the risk of a painful sting. To learn about one particular pest control service, people can view the website

A Trip to the Vet

Anyone who has ever had a dog or cat that was stung in the face by a bee or hornet is understandably worried about this happening again. They might have needed to bring the animal to a veterinary clinic for a shot of antihistamine if the pet’s face had swelled up. These animals can feel pretty miserable for a while after an incident like this.


Young children can be instructed to stay away from the bees, but not every youngster will follow these orders. Some people have serious allergic reactions to any type of bee venom.

Pest Control

The typical method for professional Carpenter Bee Extermination in Pittsburgh PA is to add insecticide to the drill holes where bees have invaded deadwood. After the property owners no longer see any bees coming and going from those spots, the holes can be sealed.