Car Transmission Oklahoma City: Top Signs of Trouble

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Unless you are a mechanic the thought of trying to diagnose what is wrong with your vehicle might seem like a pretty scary task. However, you have to think about your vehicle the same way you think about your own body. You are not a doctor and yet every time you go to the doctor you have suggestions on what might be wrong with you. You need to get in the habit of having suggestions for what might be wrong with your car as well. Being able to tell a mechanic what your car does or how it acts when you are driving it will help them figure out what the problem is. There are a lot of common signs that there is something wrong with your Car Transmission Oklahoma City.

Will Not Go Into Gear

There are still people who prefer to drive by pressing their foot pedal and manually shifting gears. If your gear does not want to shift there is a good chance something is wrong with your manual transmission.

A Burning Smell

Burning transmission fluid has been described as having a very sweet smell. You need to keep in mind that if your car starts to give off a sweet burning smell it means that your transmission is having trouble keeping itself properly lubricated. This problem can be as simple as needing transmission fluid added or needing it changed.

Noisy Transmission When In Neutral

Your car transmission in Oklahoma City should not be making tons of noise while it is neutral. It is usually pretty obvious that you have an issue with transmission if it is making weird noises if it is in other gears. However, noisy in neutral can also be a transmission problem.

Gears Are Slipping

Your car should never slip into a different gear on its own. If your car were to slip gears it means something is wrong with the transmission. Slipping gears is actually pretty dangerous, so you should avoid driving the car too much until you get it fixed. After all imagine driving on the highway and your gear shifting into neutral or park?

You may need to visit and get a new transmission for your vehicle or you may just need some work done on your existing transmission. The only way you are going to know for sure is to have an expert look at it.