Car Shopping in Frankfort: Smart Questions to Ask Before Getting a Used Car


Finding a used Subaru Impreza in Frankfort may be easy enough, but do you know what questions to ask? The following are smart questions to ask any used car dealership before making your decision.

Can I Choose the Testing Route?

It’s important to test the used car on the right road. A used car dealership might take you on a specific route to make sure the road isn’t too rough. If you want a good feel for the used car, drive it on rough roads to see if the vehicle can handle it.

Can I Get a Demo?

Most dealerships will sell their demos. These are new cars the dealer used for test drives. You’re trying to get a used Subaru Impreza in Frankfort. Find out if you can get that Impreza slightly newer.

Will You Get a History Report?

You should find out if the car dealer will supply a third-party car history report. Sure, the dealer may have something like this, but a third party gives you more information. Usually, the dealership pays for this report, so just ask to be sure.

Has the Dealership Taken Care of the Vehicle?

A used car dealership should perform a little maintenance. They may even do some repairs. Find out what this dealership has done for your Impreza so that you know everything this vehicle has recently gone through.

Hawk Subaru of Joliet can help you find your Impreza, and you can give them a call or visit them online, so that you can see their stock and see when you can go check out your new vehicle.