What is a car dealer rebate all about?


The first thing that must be understood is that a car dealer rebate is really not a rebate from the dealer, the rebate is from the manufacturer and it is an incentive to buy their vehicle. As you can readily see this has nothing to do with a “discount”, the discount is what the dealer can bring to the party. The rebate is mandatory if you qualify as a buyer whereas a discount is something that is negotiated between the Chevrolet dealerships in San Antonio and the buyer.

With the economy still deep in the doldrums, rebates have become a way of life in the industry. Rebates are now offered with almost every main stream manufacturer; even the government is involved by offering rebates on certain vehicles that meet a high mileage rating or very low emissions. Regardless of where the money comes from, it is a rebate and it does the same thing, it is designed to tempt the buyer to buy now for a promise of money back, the objective of the dealership is simply to sell cars.

A discount or rebate is of little value if you cannot afford to buy a new car in the first place. There are many people who have or have had financial difficulties and arranging credit on reasonable terms will rarely be possible, however credit at an inflated rate can invariably be arranged by the automobile dealer. A rebate is indeed a magic bean if you can come prepared to deal with pre-arranged financing with low interest rates and sufficient cash to use for the down payment or a fully paid up trade which has sufficient value to act as the required down payment. If the rate of interest on any loan is inflated because of personal circumstances no amount of rebate will make the purchase any less expensive.

When negotiating the price of a new vehicle don’t even allow a discussion about rebates enter into the discussions. Rebates and discounts offered by Chevrolet dealerships in San Antonio are two totally different things and when negotiating the bottom line, the only thing available is the dealer discount. The rebate is to be given at face value after the final negotiations have been completed. It’s up to the buyer what he wants to do with the rebate, but the full amount is made available as a cash incentive.

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