Car Covers: What to Know About Buying New Covers for Your Automobile


If you are looking to make sure that your automobile and the big investment that you have made in your car, stays well protected, then you may want to consider getting some type of car cover to keep your vehicle well protected. These car covers are designed to help keep dirt, dust and debris out of your vehicle. This is important if you are storing your car for longer periods of time or if your car is sitting in one place for a longer period of time. Many times when cars are sitting in a garage for a long period of time and not being used, dust can get into the car and actually cause damage.

If these automobiles are sitting outside, the external elements can negatively impact your car as well. Debris from the outdoors can get inside the cracks of your car and into your engine. Poor weather and things like tree sap can actually deteriorate the paint or covering on the outside of your car if left for too long. Also UV rays can go through the windows of your car and actually start to fade your vehicle’s interiors. This is why car covers are so important as they will keep your automobile safe and well protected. When it comes to getting new car covers for your automobile you will typically have two options to choose from; universal car covers and customized car covers.

Universal Car Covers

Universal car covers are designed to fit several sized vehicles, and although they come in a range of sizes, they will provide a generic fit. When it comes to getting universal car covers you will typically find an option for sedans, SUVs and extra large vehicles. These are a great option for those who are looking for a more affordable car cover, as universal car covers can be bought off the shelf. Typically they are very basic in design but will include things like mirror pockets. Usually you can find these covers in a variety of materials including Coverguard, Triguard and Coverbond 4 materials.

Customized Car Covers

When it comes to getting car covers, most experts will recommend getting custom car covers. These car covers can be made just for your specific vehicle so they will fit like a glove. This is the best way to make sure that your car is properly covered as they will stretch over your vehicle and ensure that your car is protected from the outside elements. However, these car covers are usually more expensive than universal car covers meaning those who want to get these covers should be ready to pay more to get the better coverage. Typically these covers also come in much higher grade materials as well.

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