Canon Inkjet Cartridges: Benefits of Choosing Alternatives

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A recent study reveals that around 1.1 million inkjet cartridges are consumed around the whole world, in a year. What’s more, the cost of each unit of printer ink is higher than space rocket fuel! This explains why printing budgets of organizations are increasingly being thrown out of proportion. While most are still inclined to use original OEM manufactured originals, such as Canon inkjet cartridges, a few actually have a choice.

Thankfully, cost effective alternatives for branded Canon inkjet cartridges and other popular makes have forayed into the markets. Through the years, these have evolved from cheap imitations to highly specialized compatible versions. They are essentially manufactured by third parties. However, it is extremely important to buy from a trusted and experienced manufacturer to avoid poor quality prints.

Canon Inkjet Cartridges: Alternatives and Advantages

If the original Canon inkjet cartridges seem too pricey to fit into your printing budget, you can opt for any of the following variants:

  • Compatible Versions: These are also known as generic cartridges and are manufactured by a third party. Usually, they would follow the exact specifications of the original and are made available at about a third of the price of the original. The quality of printouts is just as good. They make for ideal options for an affordable printing budget.
  • Recycled Versions: Once the original Canon inkjet cartridges are over, they are sent back to the factories. Here, they are cleaned and repaired. Subsequently, ink is refilled into them and the recycled product is packaged and resold in the market. This is considered to be a top environment friendly option, preventing the addition of e-waste. With these, you can contribute your bit to the environment. The low price is of course an added advantage. Moreover, there is no compromise on the quality of printouts generated. These recycled cartridges have become popular inclusions in most environment conscious workplaces these days.
  • Refilling Kits: This is possibly the simplest alternative available if you are do not want to spend on OEM manufactured Canon inkjet cartridges. These simple kits are available at all supply stores. You can refill ink by following some simple instructions provided in the guide that accompanies the kit. Provided you use good quality ink, the quality of the print outs will remain quite the same.

Shopping for alternatives to OEM manufactured cartridges online is a great option these days. Make sure you stick to standardized products that have been tested on established quality parameters.

Canon Inkjet Cartridges
Canon Inkjet Cartridges


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