Cancer Center Will Help You Fight Cancer in Missouri

by | Dec 23, 2013 | Hospitality

The thought of being told by a doctor that you have cancer is a dread to just about anyone. But don’t let those words petrify you with fear. With the many breakthroughs occurring in the cancer field, cancers can be diagnosed quickly, treated and removed with more efficient results. If you are in the Missouri area, the Missouri Delta Medical Center has a Cancer Center and are dedicated and focused on providing comprehensive treatment for you cancer. Listed are some things you can do to help prevent cancer, lower your risk for it and at least be in a position to have it recognized if you are a likely candidate for cancer or someone in your family has had it or is still dealing with it.

1. Avoid tobacco and tobacco related products.

2. Maintain a healthy weight, eating properly, the right diet, plenty of fruits and vegetables, etc.

3. Have regular physical activity, such as swimming, running or playing ball.

4. Protect your skin, such as from the harmful rays of the sun.

5. Limit your alcohol intake, or if you do not drink, do not even start.

6. Know your family history, such as if cancer runs in your family, particularly your family of origin.

7. Ensure that you have regular checkups, including cancer screenings, colonoscopies or breast exams, if is time.

The Missouri Delta Medical Center’s Cancer Center & Infusion Center can come to your aid if you have cancer through the use of critical medications by using IV’s and injections to fight cancer, help control pain, wage war against dangerous infections and provide necessary nutrition and blood. They offer options such as chemotherapy, injections, midline and PIC line insertions, infusions, drawing blood and transfusions, and antibiotic therapy.

The Cancer & Infusion Center also has an extensive diagnostic center that employs the latest technology, using services as X-rays, PET/CT scans, MRI, 3D mammography, image guided biopsies, colonoscopies, pulmonary services and nuclear medicine. Don’t delay getting a screening or treating your cancer if you have it. Each day of put off could put you at more risk. Visit a cancer center, or browse the Missouri Delta Medical Center’s website at for more information.

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