How Can You Keep Your Home Through a Foreclosure Attorney?

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As a homeowner, hearing the word foreclosure can strike fear in your heart. You do all you can to protect your home, so it will be there for your family. Unfortunately, job loss and medical crises can occur and cause you to be unable to make your mortgage payments. Once you become so far behind, the foreclosure process is begun and you could end up losing your home. To avoid this, you need to contact a Foreclosure Attorney and learn about your rights. Often, an attorney can help to stop a foreclosure, before the process is begun.

First, you will need to meet with your attorney and provide information on your home and mortgage holder. In some instances, the Foreclosure Attorney will simply need to make some calls to the mortgage holder and arrangements can be made to settle the past due debt you owe and get your mortgage current. Even if you have been unsuccessful in having the mortgage company work with you, your attorney may be able to help. Often, a call from an attorney can change the situation and allow you to make the arrangements you need, so you do not lose your home through foreclosure.

If you have not had the foreclosure process started, you may be able to file for bankruptcy and avoid it. An attorney can secure your bankruptcy status. This prevents foreclosure from being started while your bankruptcy is in effect. You will be given a specific amount of time to pay off any past due amounts and keep your current payments paid. At the end of the bankruptcy period, you will be able to avoid foreclosure, as long as all of your debt is paid and your payments are current.
If you are already in foreclosure, an attorney may still be able to offer you some help, by giving you extra time to stay in your home. This can prove valuable when you are trying to secure a new place to live and need extra time. Through an attorney, you may be able to stay in your home much longer than you expect.

If you want further information on how to avoid foreclosure, contact the office of Brent Sorenson & Associates P.C. They can help you to avoid the process of foreclosure, so you can keep your home. Contact them today for information.