What Can You Expect with Your First OBGYN Appointment in Carrollton?

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Becoming pregnant is one of the most exciting and scariest times in a woman’s life. This is especially true if this is your first pregnancy. Many women are nervous about being pregnant and what they will experience as their pregnancy progresses. To set your mind at ease, it can help to know what to expect when you have your first OBGYN Carrollton appointment. In this way, you will know what the examination entails and you can be better prepared for your appointment. Most women find this makes them feel less nervous when it comes time to schedule their appointment.

What Happens at Your First Pregancy Examination?

When you come in to see the doctor, you will first urinate for your urine test. This checks your blood sugar levels and also checks for signs of bladder infection. Once you have performed your test, you will be weighed and taken back to the examination room, where you will disrobe and wear a hospital gown. Many women feel more comfortable by having their spouse or another person in the room with them. Most doctors allow this, as long as you feel comfortable.

At your first visit, you will have a gynecological examination. Your cervix will be checked and your breasts. The doctor will measure the height of your uterus and will measure your abdomen. This, coupled with details on when you had your last menstrual period, will assist the doctor in making a call on when your due date will be. It is important to note, due dates or only guides for knowing the approximate date your baby will be born. A healthy baby can be born a couple of weeks early or late, depending on the health of the mother.

The doctor will also try to see if a heartbeat can be heard for your baby. It is normal to not be able to hear the heartbeat until around fifteen weeks of gestation. Pretty soon, each appointment will allow you to hear your child’s beating heart.

If you are pregnant and in need of OBGYN Carrollton, contact Womens Care of West Georgia LLC and schedule your first appointment. This will help you and your baby to stay healthy throughout your pregnancy.