What Can Be Done for Missing Teeth?


When a person is missing teeth, they not only have issues with their self-esteem, but they also may have difficulty eating and sometimes forming their words correctly. If you are missing teeth, you no longer have to consider partials or dentures. Even if you are missing an entire mouth of teeth, the dentist can replace them. Through a Dental Implants in Wichita KS procedure, your missing teeth can be replaced and you will be able to eat the foods you love and feel better about your appearance than you ever imagined.

What are Dental Implants and How Do They Improve Your Smile?

Dental implants consist of two parts and are put in place in two different procedures. The first part of the implant is a surgical steel metal anchor. This anchor acts as the root structure of your tooth and is implanted down into the jawbone. This is done via a small incision made in each empty socket. Once the anchor has been secured into the bone tissue, it will be sutured into place, so it can heal over the next few weeks. Most dentists will have you to heal for a period of three to four weeks before you will begin the next portion of the process. This helps to ensure there are no complications from the procedure and your body fully accepts these new appliances in your mouth.

The second part of the dental implant is the artificial tooth. These teeth look and perform just like your very own natural teeth. They screw into the end of the metal anchor and effectively replace all of your missing teeth. Since these teeth are made to look so natural, no one will know you have implants, unless you choose to tell them. With proper care taken with your implants, they will last for many years.

If you are missing teeth and want to restore your smile, dental implants can help. To learn more about this procedure and to see if you are a good candidate, visit Antoine Wakim, D.D.S. They will be glad to provide you with more information and can assist you in getting the smile you have always wanted.