Can You Benefit From Dental Implants in La Grange KY?


When someone is missing their natural teeth, they can face many difficulties in life. Depending on the amount of teeth you are missing, you could face problems being able to properly chew your food or speak. People who are dealing with this issue also have confidence issues. If you have missing teeth in your smile, the dentist can provide you with a permanent solution. Through Dental Implants in La Grange KY, your missing teeth can be replaced, so you can finally eat properly, have no issues with your speech and feel confident in the appearance of your smile.

Dental implants are put in place through a special surgical procedure. This surgery is carried out under general anesthesia, so it is done a safely as possible. The anesthesia helps to prevent any pain during the procedure, so the dentist can carry out the work.

This procedure requires the dentist place metal anchors into your gum tissue, wherever you have a missing tooth. The anchors are drilled down into your gum tissue and through the jawbone. Once screwed in place, you will be sent home to heal. The healing process involves the metal anchors bonding with your bone tissue. As the bone grows around the anchors, they become strong enough to act as the roots to your new teeth. The bonding process is crucial, so your dental implants will have full function.

It will take a few months for the bonding to take place. During this time, you will have to wait for your teeth to be put in place. The dentist will X-ray your gums, to make sure bonding has been accomplished, before attempting to put your teeth in place. Once your teeth are in, you can regain full function and finally feel confident in how your smile looks.

To learn if Dental Implants in La Grange KY & can help your smile, you will need to schedule an appointment. Visit website and read up on the procedure, so you can make an informed decision on your treatment options. Through dental implants, your smile can be fully restored and more beautiful than ever before.