Call in Professionals to Fix Slab Leak in Palm Springs, CA


A slab leak is defined as a leak that is occurring in the water lines beneath the concretete in a home. When these leaks spread and get to the surface of a concrete floor, they are known as pinhole leaks. The key to taking care of these leaks is calling in a professional that is well versed in dealing with a Slab Leak in Palm Springs, CA. As with any leak, it is important to catch this type of leak early to minimize the damage and the cost of repair to get things back to normal.

In the past, it was thought that a slab leak was caused by some sort of faulty installation of pipes, too much contact with the concretete or some other manufacturing error. After more research has been done, it seems that most slab leaks are caused by a reaction between drinking water and the copper pipes. The best way to discern the cause of a leak is by bringing in a person that has expertise with a Slab Leak in Palm Springs, CA. These professionals are going to use electronic listing and tracing equipment to find the source of the leak. Detecting the source of the leak is an obvious crucial step in making any type of fix.

Once the location of the leak is detected, the Slab Leak in Palm Springs CA expert will put their knowledge to good use and come up with a fix. The most typical type of fix involves rerouting a new water line pipe, but there is also a single line epoxy repair method. This repair method is a newer strategy and has been proven to be effective and more affordable. There are different circumstances that come with every single fix, so discussing the options with a homeowner before any work is done is an industry standard practice.

Insurance may cover this type of repair, but it really depends on the type of policy that a person has. Most homeowners insurance plans cover this type of repair. If there are high water bills, the sound of running water without it being turned on, wet baseboards, or wet carpet, these are all signs that a slab leak might be happening. It is best to call a Slab Leak in Palm Springs, CA expert to come in and assess the situation.