Who Do You Call When In Need Of Roof Repairs In Fleming Island, FL?


Fleming Island is a piece of dry land surrounded by wetlands and creeks, for a while, it was a naval airbase but now it is a residential bedroom community that is home to wealthy commuters to nearby Jacksonville. The area recognized as Fleming Island comprises some 23 square miles of land and nearly 16 square miles of water. There is a unique 8 foot wide sidewalk park that runs the 7 mile length of Fleming Island.

All in all, Fleming Island is a somewhat exclusive place to live in. So why would its inhabitants be in need of roof repairs in Fleming Island, FL? Surely, all their homes are relatively new (most of them were built this century) and all would have been constructed to very high standards.

Climate Extremes And Acts Of Nature

Generally speaking, this part of Florida has a pleasant climate to live in. Winters tend to be mild and sunny (but, don’t let that fool you; there can and will be hard, night time freezes – no snow to accumulate on your roof but cold enough to wipe out many of the citrus fruit orchards in the Great Freeze of 1894/95).

Summer time will always be hot and wet, and you will experience quite severe thunderstorms with torrential rain and lightning. So far, the area around Fleming Island has not had the misfortune to be hit by a major hurricane but, the threat will always be there and current global conditions are tending towards ever stronger and more damaging hurricanes. (The last direct hit nearby was in 1871 which was not too major an event but these storms regularly cross Florida from the Gulf Of Mexico to the Atlantic as well as those moving north or south in the Atlantic that pass close to the Florida coast).

All and any of these can cause a need for roof repairs in Fleming Island, FL. But, again, who do you call out when it is your roof?

Prevention Rather Than Cure

If your house has a big tree in its yard and that tree gets hit by lighting, causing it or a large branch to hit the house roof, in a way, it is yourself that you have to blame for your need of roof repairs – you should have had the tree trimmed or removed earlier.

If shingles blow away in the next storm, could that have been prevented? If the wind really is excessive, nothing will stay in place but, shingles that have not been inspected and subjected to some preventative maintenance by a specialist in roof repairs will be far more likely to be blown away. Select the best of these guys now and call them in before it becomes an emergency situation.

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