A Cab in Bel Air is the Better Choice

Transportation and Logistics

Bel Air can be a rather unique place to catch a cab. Well, you will not exactly be able to catch a cab in the area like you would in New York City. Bel Air is not a major metropolitan location. It is mostly residential in design. The residences and hotels in the locality are quite opulent in nature. They also rest in the shadow of the far more metropolitan location of down-town Los Angeles. Calling a Cab in Bel Air might prove to be the only way to get to the heart of down-town Los Angeles when rush hour arrives.

For visitors, renting a car to travel from a hotel in Bel Air to downtown Los Angeles or Hollywood can be an incredibly difficult scenario. Once you examine all the hassles, you quickly realize taking a Cab in Bel Air is the better strategy.

Rush hour in Los Angeles and, for that matter, all of southern California can be extremely congested. This will be the case with any and all the highways and in all directions. Unless you know how to navigate rush hour traffic, you might find yourself incredibly stressed out. Since you may not be sure of where the exits are, you run the risk of missing the exit. Trying to turn around during rush hour can end up being a nightmare. Why go through such a horrible scenario when a Yellow Cab can get you where you want to go without any hassles?

Even if you do reach your destination with a rental car, being able to park the vehicle can end up being troublesome. A person not familiar with Hollywood and Los Angeles is not exactly going to be able to find street parking very easily. Car parking lots are an option, but they are very costly. Yet, if you cannot find a spot on the street, you are going to be stuck parking in a lot. Once again, the chance of finding street parking during peak drive times is going to be next to impossible. A Cab in Bel Air can take all these hassles off your shoulders whereas a rental car does not.