Buy or Rent Lift Chairs in New Haven County CT


The term “Lift Chair” may be something that you are not familiar with. You may not know the term, but chances are, you have seen one. Lift chairs in New Haven County CT look like any recliner. The difference is in the features.

What are Lift Chairs?

A lift chair looks very similar to any standard recliner. It can be used in the upright position by anyone. Like all recliners, it can tilt with the touch of a button. The difference lies in the fact that it has a lifting system built in. The lifting arrangement can be triggered to tilt the back and the seat forward. This makes it far easier for the user to get out of the chair and return to a standing position. Conventional recliners operate with a lever. A lift chair operates using a push-button remote controller.

Who Can Benefit from a Lift Chair?

Anyone that has difficulty in transitioning between a seated position to standing can benefit from lift chairs. This includes people with limited mobility or those with balance problems. A lift chair offers more benefits than just assisting people to sit down and stand up.

Lift chairs are available with different features, including heat and massage. Elderly people with stiff joints, back pain, arthritis, etc. love the therapeutic benefits of these chair styles.

Lift chairs can be used for more than just lying back, watching TV. The chair can take many positions. You can just as easily use a computer or sit and read. Because of the comfort, many users choose to sleep in the chair rather than a conventional bed. A lift chair can be repositioned; a bed cannot.

Before you rent or invest in a lift chair, it is a good idea to speak to a professional, someone that can help you choose the right chair. These chairs are available in many sizes and designs and can be upholstered in fabric, leatherette, or leather. Visit Wilson Furniture for more info.