Building The Brooklyn Bridge

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Los Angeles, CA has its Golden Gate Bridge. It is suspended in golden splendor over the Bay. Yet, before it had been built, another bridge had laid claim to fame. This was the Brooklyn Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge was not even a glimmer in someone’s brain when John Augustus Roebling (1806-1869) began to build what was to become the longest suspension bridge for many years in North America and not just Brooklyn. Luxury apartment rentals meant something else during the 19th century.

John Augustus Roebling

Roebling was born in Germany. After his arrival in the United States at age 25, he began to employ wire rope, with which he was very familiar, in various uses for the Allegheny Portage Rail Road in Pennsylvania. He actually constructed the Allegheny Aqueduct – the first of its kind, but not his greatest work. This was to be the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Brooklyn Bridge, Wealthy Mansions and Luxury Apartment Rentals

The designing and construction of the Brooklyn Bridge was by far Roebling’s master work. It was, in fact, to be his last work. He died in 1869. The bridge was not opened until 1883. The intent was to link two boroughs – Brooklyn and Manhattan. It took 14 years of hard, manual labor undertaken by at least 600 workers. Of them, more than 24 died during the process.

The financial cost was $15 million. This comes to around $320 million in today’s money – a substantial cost during any era. Yet, this was the time when Prospect Park in Brooklyn was becoming “civilized” by the wealthy. Mansions and luxury apartment rentals were a sign of the growing affluence of the borough. Indeed, the Brooklyn Bridge would make the process easier.

The Bridge was opened by President Chester A. Arthur and New York Governor Grover Cleveland on May 24. Roebling’s wife and partner in construction, Emily, was there to take the symbolic first ride over the completed bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge made Brooklyn open to so many changes. It was even declared the “eighth wonder of the world.”

With its help, Park Slope began to flourish. In fact, according to the 1890 census, this neighborhood was the wealthiest in the entire country. Although Brooklyn has undergone swings to either pole of the economic scale since this Golden Age, the Brooklyn Bridge had remained. It has been designated a National Historic Landmark as well as a New York City Landmark. Yet, updated from time-to time, it continues to perform its practical function. It provides the means through which people head to and from Brooklyn luxury apartment rentals, townhouses and lowly working class homes. Their destination could be work, could be for pleasure. The Brooklyn Bridge does not care. It carries them safely along as it has since the day it first opened.

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