Brewing Satisfaction One Cup at a Time

Food and Drink

Cafes are as central to casual American eating and drinking culture as bars and diners. Cafes spoil us with craft espresso and memorable sugar rushes while providing a welcoming public space to sip, nosh, dream and organize. CoffeCo is your local old school coffee cafe Lancaster PA. We’ve been serving up rich, dark joe and exceptional edibles since 1983.

Things to Love About CoffeeCo

CoffeeCo supplies wholesale coffee to local establishments and markets. We also cater events, with delivery included for orders over a certain amount. Naturally, we dazzle your party guests with wholesome soups, salads, sandwiches and house-made desserts.

Our best recipe isn’t as simple as the components of a sandwich. It includes our trained baristas and our coffee. Our coffee is fresh and organic, and our baristas are seasoned coffee-lovers committed to building community and brand integrity through impeccable service and on-point barista technique.

We boast an extensive drinks menu encompassing traditional craft espresso (Americano, latte, cappuccino), our rooibos-based “red” drinks, fruit smoothies and “Rages,” our blended iced beverages. Each drink is the result of customer feedback and our decades-old wisdom gleaned from the unique advantage of being one of the first coffee cafe Lancaster PA.

More Than Just Stellar Coffee

Naturally, we love when regulars show up just for their usual cup of this or that. Cups of this and that are even better when used to chase items from our breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Yes, we make omelettes, and we have vegetarian options. We source the highest quality local ingredients and prepare each order in real time, with classic sandwiches, salad samplers or lunch combos you can build as desired.

Our spacious seating area mixes comfortable, laid back decor with a lively, neighborly atmosphere that’s perfect for your daily bread, no-stress lunch dates or your next pre-movie date bite.