What Are Boardups In Reno NV & When Might You Need Them?


“Boardups”, or board-ups as they are more commonly written, refer to the act of boarding up a property by installing boards over its windows and doors for protection from storm damage. Boarding up in advance for such a contingency is more likely to be found in areas subjected to regular hurricanes or tornadoes than it is in places like Reno NV. The area around Reno is subjected to wildfires and some powerful thunderstorms but any boarding up is likely to be for after the event security.

Protection Against Human (or animal) Intrusion

However, there are other very good reasons why somebody may need Boardups In Reno NV. Most of these are caused by certain “bad attitudes” exhibited by some fellow members of our society. Maybe there was a time in the past when communities felt it was perfectly safe to leave the doors of their homes and other premises unlocked at all times, regardless of whether they were inside or absent from the property. Regrettably, those days are no longer with us.

Literally all unattended properties are an invitation for such as thieves, squatters, vandals, looters or even terrorists to attempt to gain entry to your property for their nefarious purposes. If you have been deliberately targeted by these people, they will probably try a forced entry; but, if the property is not securely locked down, you might become the victim of a random opportunistic occupation and could find that your home has been ransacked or it has become a crack house while you were away.

Locks May Not Be Enough

Door or gate locks can be forced or picked, windows can be smashed and even alarm systems can be bypassed. So, if your property has been damaged or has to be left unoccupied for a period of time, it makes good security sense to take extra precautions that will deter all but the most motivated intruder.

What better way to do this than to contact someone who has experience with Boardups In Reno NV? They will know the most economical but still secure materials with which to cover up all the properties access points and they will also know the best way to secure these boards to the structure.