Birth Injuries Are Devastating


The birth of a child is an eagerly awaited event, should the new baby be injured during or immediately following birth it can be devastating to the parents and other family members. There are many things that can happen during birth, there are injuries that result in irreversible damage; many of these injuries could very well have been avoided. Often birth injuries are the direct result of medical malpractice and the fault can be laid directly onto the attending physician, nurses or any other staff that was involved with the birthing process. Understandably, the parents are distraught and they don’t know which way to turn, in cases like this they are well advised to turn to a birth injury lawyer in Detroit.

Proving the child was the responsibility of the doctor:

In order to sue the doctor, it is necessary to first prove that the doctor was responsible for the new baby. In legal terms this is “duty to the infant.” The doctor is responsible for the birth, if the delivery was normal and the child was dropped by the nurse rather than the doctor, then the nurse becomes liable. However, it is more likely that if the injury happened during birth and the injury could have been avoided, then the liability falls on the doctor.

Find a lawyer quickly:

Although it is traumatic, if your child is injured during birth you must seek a birth injury lawyer in Detroit as soon as possible. There is a limitation on the amount of time after the birth that you can pursue a claim. If you put off legal action too long, you may miss the window of opportunity and fail to get the compensation that you and your child will need going forward. Birth injury lawyers are personal injury lawyers that focus their practice on representing the family of the unfortunate victim that cannot speak for themselves.

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