Binding Textile Wall Covering Swatches Together in Sampling Catalogs


When you put textile wall covering swatches together, it helps to have them all in a single place. That’s where sampling catalogs and test books come into play. The problem is that many of these swatches aren’t made to the same specifications as the material that they’re supposed to be representing.

As a result, they look at least somewhat different from the finished product. Worst of all, it can be hard for potential consumers to find just the right piece for them. That’s where sampling catalogs come into play.

These contain a large number of textile wall covering swatches, which are all made to the same exact specs that you’d expect from a finished product. Potential buyers would be able to borrow one of these books and check them against the walls in their home or business before deciding on which piece.

Some people might want to browse through one while they’re in a textile wall-covering retailer. Others may instead wish for a representative to pay them a visit, who will then compare the swatches to their existing coverings in order to pick out just the right sort of arrangement. In either case, the fact that these books are made to such exacting standards can help to dramatically improve the chances that someone will get the right textile wall coverings for their particular needs.

No two organizations are the same, so firms will have to put together a wide variety of textile wall coverings to meet all of their needs. That means they’ll want an equally large swatch book to fit the bill.