Why It’s Best Not To Wait To Hire A Professional To Tuckpoint Your Masonry In Southgate, MI

Construction and Maintenance

Many homeowners love having stone and brick masonry on the outside of their homes for two major reasons. First, masonry can make a home look very elegant, and homeowners can appreciate the upscale aesthetic value it provides. Also, many homeowners see brick and stone walls as being virtually maintenance-free, which means they have more time and energy to focus their home improvement efforts elsewhere. While it is true that brick and stone masonry walls tend to last a long time, that doesn’t mean they’ll never need to be cared for. When the mortar between your bricks or stone begins to wear away, it becomes imperative you call in the professionals for tuckpointing. Visit website for more information.

Tuckpointing involves restoring the mortar joints in the masonry of your home. While your Masonry Southgate MI, may last forever, you should note that your mortar will not. Although you may think missing mortar is a minor problem, here are a few good reasons to make sure you don’t miss the warning signs your home needs tuckpointing now.

1. Mortar in a weakened state could be putting your precious home in danger. If moisture begins to seep through the brick or stone at the points where mortar joints are compromised, it can lead to significant water damage on the inside of your home. With proper tuckpointing, you can be sure to protect your home from this issue and keep the structure safe.

2. Simply put, investing in a bit of tuckpointing now can save you a great deal of money in the future. If you let the mortar deteriorate for too long, your Concrete/Masonry Southgate MI, will begin to loosen. At that point, the only remedy you may have is to completely tear down the wall and have it rebuilt.

Masonry Southgate MI, can be beautiful, but that beauty is enhanced much more when you have a brick or stone wall that serves its purpose -; to protect you from the elements and add strength to your home. When your mortar begins to deteriorate, and tuckpointing is in order, call the professionals at Olson Cement Work & Construction to find out how you can make sure your home is the safest and the most beautiful on the block.