Best Practices of Web Developers India

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The role of a web designer and web developer can be blurred in some aspects. Essentially, Web Developers India work on the functional features of the website while the web designer usually concentrates on the aesthetic areas. These two roles have to work together to produce a website that is easy to navigate and looks good. These are some of the best practices of Web Developers in India.

It is pivotal that web development maintain a balance between aesthetic appeal and usability. To maximize functional aspects of the website, features like drop down menus, tab navigation and site maps can be implemented. With the large range of browsers available for internet users, one can be spoilt for choices when choosing between web browsers. It is the responsibility of web developers to make sure the website portal displays correctly in different versions and browsers. Users should have the same experience regardless of the browser chosen and selected for their lifestyle needs.

Another important practice is to optimize website speed. In today’s fast paced society, speed is the key to efficiency. Optimizing page speed is a signal in search engine’s search ranking algorithm, contributing to the overall usability of the website. When a website portal is slow in speed, site visitors generally spend less time there. This will result in a drop of visitors over time. Page load optimization cover aspects like optimizing caching, minimizing round trip time, request overhead and payload size. Optimizing caching include keeping the application’s logic and data off the network and minimizing round trip times will involve the reduction of the number of serial request response cycles.

Another crucial part of the job of the Web Developers is to optimize the website for mobile usage. In recent years, many people have jumped onto the bandwagon of using mobile devices to use the internet, hence turning a website for mobile devices and networks will be advantageous in contributing to the success of the website. Selecting the right web developer for your website and business needs may take much time and effort but the long term end results can be rewarding and fulfilling.