Best Deal for Your Buck


Many people choose to lease a car because of the lower payments compared to buying a car. If you are deciding on leasing, you want to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. Consider these factors when finding the best car lease in Plainfield.

Price Per Month Vs Mileage

Many dealerships will place a limit on how many miles you can put on the vehicle every year. If you go over the limit, you will possibly have to pay fees because you are making the value of the car lower. So, if the annual limit of mileage is only 12,000, you don’t want a monthly payment that is just over the top. If you have a long commute to work that will mainly be highway miles on the car, some dealerships may work with you to raise your annual mileage limit.

Warranties and Parts Covered

Because you don’t own a vehicle that you are leasing, you will want to make sure it is covered under a warranty during your lease. Even though a lease that is over three years may sound nice, it might not have a warranty that covers the entire lease. If the lease covers parts, labor, and other warranties during your lease, that would be a positive thing to consider.

Factor in Interest

Although a company might put that a car lease is less than 200 dollars a month, once you factor in some dealerships fees and interest rates, that 200 can easily turn into 300 or more. A lot of dealerships require a down payment, a security deposit, and the first month’s payment before starting a lease. Some down payments can cost a couple thousand dollars; but many security deposits are refundable if you hand the vehicle in good condition at the end of your lease. Once you factor in the interest, fees, and taxes, then you can determine if the lease payments are still within your budget.

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