Best Areas to Eat in the City


When it comes to food in New York City, there is an endless number of opportunities. In fact, it can be very hard to narrow down the choices. In a sense, it is a good idea to pick a restaurant by its location. This will help you plan out your day for other activities as well. Use the following information to choose the best places to eat in NYC.

Eateries in Sunset Park
You can’t spend time in NYC without visiting Brooklyn. Once you get to this borough, you should make it a point to head to Sunset Park. This area has some of the most famous ethnic restaurants in the whole city. It is especially appropriate if you want some authentic Chinese dim sum or tasty Mexican tacos. In fact, you’ll really have to decide between the two. If you head to the east side of the community, you’ll be greeted with a plethora of Asian restaurants. If Latin American food is on your mind, head over to the west side of the area. The best part about it is that most of the culinary offerings here are reasonably priced. This makes it one of the most satisfying and affordable places to eat in NYC.

The Chinatown Experience
Stopping by Chinatown is a must do. It’s true, there are a lot of Chinese restaurants in Manhattan, but they pale in comparison to those in Chinatown. Once you get to Chinatown, you’ll find a number of great restaurants all within a few blocks from each other. It’s hard to go wrong with any particular establishment. Peking duck, dim sum and regional noodle dishes are just some of the delicious offerings you’ll find here.

In Astoria
One more place to find great places to eat is in Astoria. To go here, you’ll need to travel to Queens. Astoria is best known for having traditional Greek cuisine. Yet, lately, it’s becoming more well known for its noodle houses. Whether you want ramen or gyros, Astoria is the place for you.