The Benefits of a Virtual Office in San Diego


If you run a small business, odds are these days, you work from home. However, every now and then, you may find that you have a need for an actual business space. You may find that you don’t feel comfortable having business mail sent to your home, you may have to actually meet with clients, or not having anyone around to field calls when you are away from your desk. In those situations, a Virtual Office in San Diego may be exactly what you need. Here are some of the benefits of a virtual office.

You Get to Save Money:

One of the benefits of a Virtual Office in San Diego is the cost savings you experience over a traditional office space. Depending on where exactly you wish to rent a space, office space can cost upwards of $5.00 per square foot. That adds up quickly, and can cost a bundle. Being able to work from home, yet still having a physical mailing address, a receptionist to answer the phone and the ability to rent out office space for meetings as needed helps keep overhead costs low.

You Have a Physical Mailing Address That Isn’t Your Home:

If you are primarily working out of your home, you typically can either use your home mailing address or use a P.O. Box. Unfortunately, neither is a great option. You either have to let clients know where you live, or run the risk of receiving items which can’t be delivered to a P.O. Box. When you get a virtual office, you get a physical mailing address that is not your home address, ensuring your items can all be delivered without you having to run the risk of clients knowing where you live.

Someone is Always Around to Take Your Calls:

Another benefit to having a virtual office is that there is a receptionist to answer the phone whenever you are away from your desk, on vacation or out of town for business. This ensures your clients have someone to talk to should they need to, increasing their opinion of your business.

If you’re interested in a virtual office, contact Tel-Us Call Center Inc. They offer a variety of virtual office services, including a physical mailing address and the ability to rent out office space.