Benefits of teeth bleaching


It is an unfortunate fact that many people have discolored teeth and those that do are often extremely self-conscious and as a result, rarely smile. Many people continue to suffer this embarrassment in silence and just put up with the fact that their teeth are far from perfect. This is one dental problem that is simple to solve, teeth bleaching on Long Island is available and it is a simple procedure that does not have to be expensive. People who have to interact daily with customers, colleagues and friends are aware of how important it is to look good and a beautiful smile is perhaps the key to confidence when dealing with others.

Discolored teeth are very common and in many cases the problem dates back to the time of youth. There are many reasons for tooth discoloration but the main culprits are smoking, drinking coffee, tea and cola. These beverages contain tannin; this is what causes the discoloration, tannin is used in the manufacture of ink and leather tanning so it is easy to see how it can discolor your teeth. Other causes are poor dental hygiene, ageing and even antibiotics that were taken as a child.

It is only recently where effective techniques and products have become available, it was not too many years ago when there were few solutions to stained and discolored teeth. Products and procedures used for teeth bleaching on Long Island have a high success rate. Although there are a number of ways to get brighter, whiter teeth, let’s look at the main ones.

Laser whitening and teeth bleaching: There is no better solution than laser teeth bleaching on Long Island. It is by far the most effective and fastest; it is also the most expensive. This treatment is done by a cosmetic dentist and the patient must first be approved for the procedure. The approach is to use an argon laser which activates a gel that the dentist places on the teeth, the gel contains a chemical which converts to hydrogen peroxide when subjected to the laser; it is the hydrogen peroxide that actually bleaches the teeth. This technique is by far the best, it is accurate, effective and the dentist can control it so that all the teeth are the same color when completed.

Trays: This is the most popular DIY method of teeth bleaching. Kits are available over the counter; the kit contains a tray and whitening gel. A small amount of gel is placed in the tray, the tray is then placed in the mouth and bleaching takes place. Although these procedures are hit and miss and takes some time it is less expensive than laser whitening.

There are also teeth whitening pens, strips and toothpaste; the solution you opt for is all dependent on how bright you want your smile to be.

Teeth bleaching on Long Island is a cosmetic treatment which is best left to a cosmetic dentist who has the proper equipment to do the job right. You are invited to contact Jurim Dental Group.