The Benefits of Security Guards in Dayton Businesses


Many small businesses have dealt with the reality of being burglarized. The experience is almost always scary and intrusive for all parties affected by the robbery. Most businesses choose to hire a private company, such as U.S. Protection Service, to provide security guards on their property after they have been burglarized. The following are a few benefits you can take advantage of when hiring Security Guards in Dayton.
Sense of Security
The security guards you decide to employ will give you and your employees a sense of security while at work. Many studies have shown that employees working in high theft risk areas, such as gas stations, work more efficiently when there is security present. This will also let the customers know that you are looking out for their safety as well by hiring Security Guards in Dayton.

Crime Prevention
Having security on premises, is a great deterrent against criminal activity. Many security guards are well trained in finding any suspicious activity at a moment’s notice. The training they receive allows them to act when there is a breach in the security of your building. Studies show that having guards present is a greater deterrent than cameras or any other type of security equipment.

Increased Customer Service
Usually, a security guard will be stationed at a front desk, which means they will have direct access to your customers. The guards can help guide people to their destination or to find a certain product depending on the nature of your business. Security guards may also be available to escort employees and customers to their vehicles during bad weather or after dark. The presence of a knowledgeable guard will heighten your ability to focus on customer service.

Many security guards will have a law enforcement background, which means they are familiar with proper police procedures for suspect apprehension. This knowledge will allow the guard to handle any crime situation they may arise in or around your business. You should discuss your security options with the professionals as U.S. Protection Service. They will be able to advise you on how many guards your business will require to optimize your protection.