Benefits Offered by Radiator Floor Heat Installation in Sparks

Air Conditioning

Increasing home comfort is often dependent on the features and elements that are installed. One feature that is gaining population is radiant heat flooring systems. Some of the benefits offered by radiator floor heat installation in Sparks can be found here.


There are no other heating options that come close to the comfort offered by radiant heat system. The technology behind these systems is similar to the way that the sun heats up a person’s body. It provides a more natural feel allowing homeowners to enjoy warm floors and a warm home during the colder months of the year.


Another reason to invest in radiator floor heat installation in Sparks is because this is a hypoallergenic heating option. Since the air is not being forced, homeowners don’t have to be worried about the heating system distributing or circulating allergens, dust or pollen throughout the home.

Energy Efficient

If a home uses a forced air system for heat, then approximately 30 percent of the heat is lost due to the ductwork. However, this heat loss does not occur when baseboard heating systems are used.

Extremely Quiet

Since there are no blowers moving air around, there are no loud fans. This means that the home will be more peaceful and homeowners won’t have to turn the television up when the heating system comes on.


When underfloor heating systems are used, there is no need for wall registers or floor registers. This makes it a much more aesthetically pleasing option.

Zoning Options

A radiant heating system is fairly easy to zone and provide individual temperature control for each room in a home. They are even equipped with several different thermostats to make temperature control stress free.


These heating systems are able to use a number of different fuel sources to heat up the liquid. This includes gas boilers, wood-fired boilers, oil boilers or solar water heaters.

There is no question that this type of heating system offers quite a few benefits. If a homeowner would like to learn more, they can contact the staff at Paschall Plumbing Heating Cooling. Being informed can help any homeowner determine if this is the right type of heating system for their home and heating needs.