Benefits of Having a HVAC Service Company In Cleveland Oh To Perform Preseason Maintenance

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Most homeowners try to make sure their home is well maintained at all times. Doing preventative maintenance can help in avoiding repair issues on many systems in the home. This is especially true when it comes to the heating and air conditioning system. By making sure the unit is inspected and cleaned prior to the start of summer and winter, a homeowner can be sure it will be in good order during the upcoming season.

One of the most important tasks a HVAC service company in Cleveland Oh will need to perform on the system is making sure the blower unit is kept clean. The heater and air conditioner generally use the same blower to move air through the home. This unit will become very dirty if it is not cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning the unit generally entails using a heavy-duty vacuum to clean dirt, hair and other matter from the unit. The air filter should all be checked and replaced if necessary.

The motor that runs the blower will need to be inspected. Sometimes the electrical wires will become damaged and this can cause the unit not to operate. Some older motors still require oil added to the motor to keep the bearings lubricated. This should be done before the season as well.

Attached to the motor is the fan and fan belt. If either of these components is damaged it should be replaced. This will help in preventing any issues due to these components not doing their job.

The burner on the heating system should also be inspected to ensure it is working correctly. A technician from an HVAC service company in Cleveland Oh will often be able to check the condition of the burner by looking at the flames of the burner. If they are blue and steady, the burner is working well.

Finally, the air conditioning system uses a separate unit outside of the home, which will need cleaning. This unit contains the condenser and compressor. The outside housing will to be cleaned of debris and trash. Once the housing is removed, the coils and fins can also be cleaned. This will help to ensure air can circulate properly.

Keeping an HVAC system properly maintained is key to making sure it works well and will last a long time as well. Contact A New Image Heating & Cooling for more details.

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