Benefits of Cremation in Atlantic Highlands

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Are you wondering about the benefits of Cremation in Atlantic Highlands, and thinking about whether it might be right for you? If you are trying to plan your own funeral, or planning the funeral of someone who you love, cremation is a leading option. While past decades saw people tend to elect for burial in lieu of cremation, an increasing majority of people today are choosing cremation instead.

There are several major benefits to choosing cremation. The first, and most obvious, of these benefits is the cost. Cremation is significantly less expensive than burial is, and in fact it can cost thousands less than the average burial can. This is largely because of the materials involved. A casket is extremely costly, and can cost thousands of dollars or more depending upon the type of material that you choose for it. A cremation urn is a much smaller thing and has a correspondingly lower price. You can get a very high quality cremation urn for just a fraction of what an average casket would cost.

Another advantage to choosing cremation instead of burial is the headstone cost. A casket goes within the ground and will typically have a headstone placed on top of it to mark the grave. A headstone can cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars. With a cremation you won’t need a headstone since the urn will either stay with you or stay in a columbarium with other urns.

When you move away from a grave, you will simply not be able to take that grave with you. If visiting a grave is part of your regular routine, this is something that you are likely to miss considerably. If you have a cremation urn, you are able to take the ashes of your loved one with you anywhere you go. It is even possible to move the urn from one columbarium to another one in your new location. If you want to look into the benefits of Cremation in Atlantic Highlands in further detail, you can visit the website of a reputable local crematorium and funeral home today!