Benefits of Choosing Residential Movers over Doing a DIY Move


If you need to move, you’re probably weighing the pros and cons of hiring a mover vs. renting a truck and getting some friends together to move your belongings yourselves. Tarpon Springs, FL residential movers are going to cost more than doing it yourself, of course, but there are some cons of doing your own move.


It’s nice that friends and family are willing to help you move but do they really know how to get fragile items from one place to another? Do you and your helpers know how to properly package and pack items on a truck to minimize risk of breakage? Many people who do a DIY move find themselves remorseful when things get broken.

Multiple Trips

How many trips will it take to make the move with you and a few friends and /or family members hauling everything? It could take longer than you anticipate and this could present problems, including difficulty getting out of the old house on time, dealing with elevator bookings, and so forth. A professional residential mover can typically do it all in one trip. They know how to pack the truck and they have a truck big enough to do the job.

Dealing with Unfamiliar Vehicles

Renting a moving truck doesn’t always require a special license but some think it should. There are trucks that can be driven with a typical driver’s license but they are much larger than we are accustomed to.  The cost of renting a truck might sound small when you see a sign on the side of a vehicle that says $19.95 or something like that but when you look at the mileage cost, the insurance, the gas, and tax, it might not be as cheap as you think.


Moving is frustrating for many people. Having to move all of your belongings could sound okay but in reality, it does add to the stress of this event. You may determine that the cost of hiring Tarpon Springs, FL residential movers is really negligible when you get to the bottom line — your time and money matter and getting your belongings from your old home to your new home swiftly and without breakage could mean it’s worthwhile to you. Why not get a quote from a few Tarpon Springs, FL residential movers and go from there?

Benefits of Hiring Professional Tarpon Springs, FL Residential Movers

Hire the right moving company and you’ll know the costs up front, you’ll know everything is insured, and you’ll see it arrive on time. No back pain for you, no broken china or family heirlooms, and you can focus on enjoying your new home rather than trying to do everything as a race against the clock.

Why not get some quotes on residential moving services and see what it will cost? You can’t really put a price on a stress free move and peace of mind, can you?

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