The Benefits of Instrument Cluster Repair Over Replacement

Auto Repair

When you need GM Cluster Repair you may think that replacing the part would be simpler and more cost efficient than having to go through the hassle of making repairs. However, what these vehicle owners do not realize is that it is actually much more economical to repair the cluster, and there is also a much better chance of it working properly once the repair is complete. Some things to consider when it comes to repairing or replacing your instrument cluster can be found here.


When you purchase a new instrument cluster, it means that the unit will have to be completely configured for your specific vehicle. This is even truer if you purchase a unit that is used, since it will have already been configured for a different vehicle. Having the cluster programmed to work with your vehicle will cost extra and there will still not be any guarantee that it will work properly.

New Components

When you have your instrument cluster repaired, then the unit will come with all new and updated components. This will help to prevent any more issues from arising, since these new components will take the previous issues into consideration. These new components will fix the issues that are present with the cluster, and address any other problems that may be present, as well. Essentially, you will be receiving an instrument cluster that deals with any other issues before they come up.

Warranty or Guarantees

It is extremely rare that an instrument cluster that is purchased used would be offered with a warranty or guarantee, especially if you purchase it from the secondary market. Additionally, if the cluster winds up not working properly or is incompatible with the vehicle, you will have to replace it again fairly quickly. In most cases when you have a professional repair or rebuild the instrument cluster it means that the new parts are offered with a warranty. This means that if your parts stop working again, the repairs will be covered.

The Cost

Purchasing an entirely new instrument cluster can be extremely expensive, which means if you can find a repair service that will fix the one you have you should take advantage of it. In some cases, this will help you save as much as percent, which makes it worth the time that it will take to complete the repairs.

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