Beginning Recovery With Compassionate Alcohol Treatment Programs in Aberdeen Wa

Counseling Services

Compassionate Alcohol Treatment Programs in Aberdeen Wa focus on helping clients improve their lives and begin a new journey without relying on mind-altering chemicals. Yet it can be difficult to convince people who need help to begin a rehab program, even if it’s an outpatient option.

Problematic Beliefs

Beliefs about negative qualities that characterize people who are addicted to alcohol can be a hindrance when these individuals want to begin recovery. For instance, they may have their own problematic beliefs that stop them from seeking professional help. They also may face skepticism from friends and family who view their chemical dependency as a moral failing instead of a mental health issue.


When someone who is addicted to alcohol feels shamed by others, this can make that person shy away from Alcohol Treatment Programs in Aberdeen Wa. The individual may go into denial instead, perhaps hiding the level of alcohol intake. Addicts can be very successful at sneaking drinks without anybody knowing. They hide alcohol around the house and carry it with them in secret.

Expert Insight

The leading experts in the study of addictions agree that chemical dependency on alcohol should be viewed as a chronic and progressive disease, not simply a choice the person is making. Nevertheless, the individual does need to choose to begin recovery, which usually has the first step of admitting the problem.

Realizing the Problem

This realization may come on gradually as the person increasingly understands the unwanted effects alcohol is having. In contrast, the realization may be sudden because of an event like a job loss or a partner leaving due to the addiction.

Seeking Help

Some persons are able to quit without professional help, but many find therapy very advantageous. Those who have been drinking heavily every day for a long time may need supervised medical detoxification for their safety, as withdrawal can have serious symptoms.

A compassionate center such as Alternative & Action Counseling is recognized for being especially beneficial for not participating in shaming or confrontational types of therapy. Instead of labeling the client and being judgmental, the therapists provide understanding counseling and help the person learn effective strategies to stay sober.